Good on you for coming to see me.

I’m super pleased.

You’ve realised that writing content is dull and *yaaaawn* you could so easily be doing better stuff with your time.

The great news is I think that whizzing up fabbo words just for you is anything but dull.

What do you need? A couple of hundred words to patch into an email for your clients so they’ll know just what you’re up to (and how sensationally amazing you are)? Maybe you want the content for your whole website revamped and then a couple of blog posts about the widgets you make and an email and and and…?

Guess what? I can do those things for you!

Perhaps you’ve already got some hundred words cobbled together but you just don’t love LOVE them and you need some new eyes to check them out and polish them until they shiiiiine.

Well, hey, surprise! I totally rock at doing that too.

Contact me and we can chatter and natter about what you need and your budget.

And because it drives me totally bananas when people don’t put their prices on their site, you can find out about my (utterly reasonable) charges on the Services page.

Let’s talk!



 Copywriting Services

Which bits of your copywriting can I help you with? All prices are in Aussie dollars and ex-GST.

All my services involve an initial consult (phone chat or Skype) and then at least two shiny rewrites, taking your feedback on board each time. I do provide a couple of services that include more than two rewrites and they are specified below. And, of course, if you really, really want more rewrites than I’ve specified then just add an extra $25 for each extra rewrite you’re after.

You know how happy you want to be with your content? I want you to be that happy too!

  • Website world: $1,100

This is for you if you are in the process of developing or revamping your website and need fresh, sparkly words to fill up all that blankness. “About Me” is all well and good, but WHAT ABOUT YOU? Because a website is a big, old beast, I’ll provide three rewrites for each page, up to 10 pages.

  • Website town: $120

This is smaller than the Website World. I’ll provide you the content for one of your pages up to about 600 words for this price. Again, because a website is a shifting, moving animal, let’s include three rewrites for you in this deal too. 

  • the shine and polish: $100 for 500 words

You’ve got whatever copy you’ve got already and you just want someone to make it sound more like you. You want it refined, the dents panelbeaten out of it, the lumps strained off, whatever. It’s good, but you want it to be AMAZING! Send it my way and I’ll buff and polish that thing til it shiiiiines. You’ll need shades.


But what if you need something quick that’s not a website and isn’t editing? What if you’re looking for a one-off article or item? Yep, you can get that here with me too: 

  • Quick copy: $75

This is all about quick items, under 300 words. Things like email content, a marketing blurb, stuff for your printed materials, a blog post, newsletters and that kind of thing.

  • mama bear copy: $120

If you’ve got something that needs wordifying between 300-600 words, this is where you’ll sit.

  • jumbotron copy: $175

You’re looking at up to about 1500 words here.

  • hyper-mega-ultra copy $250

If you’re wanting something longer, like an ebook, up to about 3,000 words, this is where you’ll be headed. This will include three rewrites, since it’s huge and I want to make sure you’re really happy with what you’re getting.


Something else to note:

And while all of the prices have word counts, they’re not absolute hard and fast numbers. If you have something that needs saying and it is best said in 603 words, then you can reasonably expect the price would be the 600-word price. I want you to have the RIGHT message, not the one that has been edited to within an inch of its life to fit within a word count.

See, straightforward, easy prices (how totes upfront is that!)