Why Words? (or How I Came To Be A Copywriter)

OK, so perhaps I should be starting with a blog on how to write great copy, but you know how it can be when you get an idea about something and you just have to shake it out? Yeah, well, this is me. I will get onto the writing copy stuff blogs soon. Promise.


Ever since I was very little, I’ve been crazy on words.┬áJust about the first thing I ever wanted to do was be a writer. I think I was about two when I made the announcement.

Of course, this was discarded, as tricky dreams so often are, and followed by wanting to be a hairdresser, a teacher, an actor, a baker, a florist, a GP, a secretary, a singer…you get the idea.

I spent an inordinate number of years telling myself that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. I bumbled around from job to job, not really feeling any connection. Everyone has to go to work, right? And it’s called work because it’s not fun, right?

I would read until my fingers just about bled from all the page-turning, discarding rubbish books quicker than you can say lickety-split because life’s too short for rubbish books, and re-reading the great ones over and over until they were committed to memory. And yet I still didn’t believe my wordsy dream was worth pursuing. I mean, who was I to really go after some crazy dream? How did anyone even BE a writer anyway? It was so dependent on luck and chance.

So I folded my writing dream up into the tiniest, scrunchiest little ball and shoved it way down the back of the couch. Bye, dream. Enjoy it back there with the crumbs and the ten cent pieces.

I’ve spent the last eight years working for a truly great boss. (It’s funny how truly great people shape your lives without you even realising it at the time.) I guess he could see that I liked writing, even when I was busily denying it to myself, and he set me more and more writing tasks over the years and would talk about my writing ability. Until I sort of felt like maybe it was time. (I mean, there were other steps and things on the way, of course, but this is the short version.)

So, hey, I guess even the best ignored dream can make its way up to the sunshine when the time is right.

Ok, so I didn’t religiously stick with my first-announced dream through the years, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had the biggest pull over me and my entire life. Out of the mouth of babes, and all that.

Words and writing and letters and sounds and language are like magic and music to me. I devour books and am crazy mad on taking complex, confusing or mistargeted messages and repackaging them to be more palatable for their audience.

I’m currently studying the Advanced Diploma in Arts (Professional Writing) with a year to go and can’t get enough of it all.

Reading is a holiday, writing is, erm, a working holiday and words are what I live for. My little dream has taken over.

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